Riesling, Lafond 2015


Sold Out

Old vines, dry farmed, unimaginable low yields.  It is always a privilige to work with grapes from this vineyard.  It is the last reminant of an older era in the Santa Rita Hills.  So sad news though; this is the last of the old vines for a while.  This venerable vineyard, planted in 1972 kicked out just half a ton to the acre.  The owners finally decided that it didn't make sense to continue on the present course and ripped the vines out.  The site has been replanted with young vines though.  All we can hope for is that through understanding the complexities of Lafond, that these young vines will thrive longer.  So like I said, this is the last of the old stuff.  And it is extremely limited, only 1 barrels was produced.